LOTTE INEOS CHEMICAL is a manufacturer of acetic acid and vinyl acetate, which are the basic materials of chemicals. It is composed of Carbon Monoxide production process, acetic acid production process, and vinyl acetate production process.

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Carbon monoxide process

  • A process of making carbon monoxide, an ingredient of acetic acid
  • Carbon monoxide is produced through a partial oxidation(incomplete combustion) process of the Oil.
  • Hydrogen, the byproduct of the partial oxidation process, is refined by 99.999% and made as a product.

Acetic acid process

  • A process of making acetic acid (CH₃COOH) through methanol carbonylation reaction with Methanol(CH₃OH) and Carbon monoxide (CO) as raw materials
  • Can produce acetic acid with more than 99.85% purity

Vinyl acetate process

  • A process of making vinyl acetate (VAM : Vinyl Acetate Monomer) through gas phase exothermic catalytic reaction of Oxygen (O₂), Ethylene(C₂H₄), and Acetic Acid (CH₃COOH)


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