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Acetic Acid has the same chemical properties as vinegar produced by natural fermentation, and is a colorless liquid with a sour taste. In particular, Acetic Acid with a high purity (over 99%) is called ‘Glacial Acetic Acid’ because it becomes solid (ice) at low room temperature. Acetic Acid is a basic chemical substance that is used widely in the field of electronic materials and fine chemicals, and is deeply related to the basic aspects of our life, such as food and clothing.

It is used for producing polyester, which is a common fabric widely used in many different types of clothing, medicines such as painkillers, ink for office equipment, paint, and is also used for developing photos.

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Primary Use & Products using Acetic Acid
  • Polyester
  • Medicines
  • Ink (for office equipment)
  • Paint


VAM (Vinyl Acetate Monomer) is produced by using Acetic Acid as its main ingredient, and it is mainly used in many high value-added products such as solar energy materials, industrial films, paint, packaging, adhesives, etc.

Products that are made of VAM are highly functional, eco-friendly, and does not cause any to the human body.

Primary Use & Products using VAM
  • Solar Energy Materials
  • Industrial Film
  • Shoe Foam
  • Adhesives


Hydrogen is widely used as a base material for refining and desulfurizing crude oil and is also used as a raw material for chemical products and as a processing gas for chemical plants.

Also, it has been highlighted as a valuable source of renewable energy of the future, such as hydrogen cars and hydrogen fuel cells, and as an eco-friendly material that contributes to the safe environment.

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Main use and product of Hydrogen
  • Desulfurization Facility
  • Alternative Energy


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