We invite young people to join LOTTE's beautiful dream that stands out in the world.

LOTTE places higher value on the possibility of creating the future, not the present,
And we look for global talent with passion and responsibility to mature our society with our own growth.

World with LOVE, society with LIBERTY, LIFE with abundance’ can be enjoyed in LOTTE.
We invite young people who wish to joint Lotte’s dream to make such future.

Young people
without fear of

  • We invite those who are not afraid of failure and are determined to succeed.
  • Creative failure is the privilege of youth. Rather than the stability that is not challenged by fear of failure, we value the proactive spirit of challenge that can find the potential for success in failure.

Young people
who strive to

  • We invite young people who train knowledge and ability to achieve success with real skills, not recklessness of youth.
  • No one can beat the one who tries and prepares constantly. Lotte is waiting for the young who are constantly striving for their evelopment and the development of the organization.

Young people
who know cooperation
and coexistence

  • A truly talented person should have the virtue of being cooperative and yielding. We believe that we can make this society warm by gathering our gratitude for the people and society we live in. It is also a job for individuals and businesses to develop their own abilities and skills, but Lotte waits for young people who understand their roles as social beings.
  • Invest your young and grand dreams in Lotte. Lotte, which continues to move forward and grow, will make your beautiful future.


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